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JWIS grows together through constant creativity, energetic challenging spirit and passion.

Since its foundation in 1990, Jin Woo Industrial System has been specializing in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), traffic command center, automatic traffic enforcement devices, traffic signal facility installation, railroad signal systems, etc. JWIS has been working for the advancement of transportation system in Korea.

JWIS has also established High tech traffic R&D Center in 1999, and recently opened the second Advanced R&D center in 2016. JWIS has become the Total ITS solution Provider through years of enthusiastic work in developing new technologies.

A new beginning; Preemptive response to new paradigm and securing global competitive edges.

JWIS is not satisfied with the current position and looking to prepare for yet another beginning with 30th corporate anniversary coming.

JWIS will create a stepping stone toward a greater future through preemptive response to a new paradigm in ITS and transportation system in Korea, and through win-win cooperation with our partners. By securing a new growth engine, JWIS will strengthen its position domestically and penetrate the global markets with its leading edge technologies. JWIS’s goal is to expand social overhead capital in emerging countries by cooperating with Korean government and business partners in Korea.

Through all of JWIS’s operations, environment, safety and regulatory compliance will always be a priority. JWIS also guarantees sustainable management together with its shareholders and community.
It will be a pleasure to all of the executives and employees to work for the core values of JWIS. They are

1. Specialized hidden Champions
2. Expert Group
3. Total service enterprise providing both system integration and products

We are dedicated to fulfil our vision2020 as Global ITS Solution Provider, which is to achieve 100 billion won of sales volume and profit of 10 billion won by 2020.

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