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Main Representative Research Area #1
A new paradigm for Toll collecting system: Smart tolling system

The main purpose of the research is to overcome the limitations of the existing system. The current toll collecting system is limited to single-lane and the drivers have to stop in order to pay tolls. The core values of Smart tolling system are Smart highway traffic operations of high speed environment and maximization of management efficiency. JWIS will realize these values through multi-lane, free-flow, and 24 hour non-stop operating system that will bring drivers much convenience.

Main Representative Research Area #2
Smart traffic signal controller with electric meter installed inside

Smart traffic signal controller currently under development will be able to record the precise amount of electricity used and also send the accumulated information to its operator, National Police Agency. Surveillance cameras will be installed on the exteriors of the smart controllers which will secure the safety of both the smart controller and the pedestrians nearby.

Main Representative Research Area #3
Evolving through overcoming the weaknesses of already existing LED traffic signals.
1. LED Bus traffic signals
The main problem with LED bus signals used in Korea is that their visibility is low. Researchers of JWIS’s high-tech traffic R&D center is trying innovative ways to improve the visibility significantly using optical features of LED signals. Soon you will be able to witness JWIS’s evolved LED Bus traffic signals anywhere in Korea.
2. Various LED traffic signals with improved visibility
Visibility of current LED traffic signal is easily effected by angles and weather. JWIS will research and learn advanced transportation systems in developed countries and overcome the limitations of current digital structure. JWIS’s research on improvement of traffic signals will be focused on increasing visibility. This new technology will be used to increase visibilities of bus traffic signals, bicycle traffic signals and other traffic signals. JWIS’s cutting-edge technology will change the transportation system in Korea.

Main Representative Research Area #4
A new form of Sound signal device installed inside the steel pole.

Sound signal devices currently in use must be installed on the exterior of the traffic light poles. We believe this way the devices ruin the aesthetic features of city and they are not effective in terms of saving electricity. JWIS is currently developing a new form of sound signal device which is installed inside the poles, and related patent is pending. This built-in sound signal device will save money and time put in to produce, install and manage the device and the pole, and will also improve city appearance.